Community Policies

All companions must be prepared to comply with the rules of the Community which include:

• Companions must treat each other with respect at all times and be prepared to offer support and friendship to others

• No alcohol or drugs are allowed on the premises

• No violent or aggressive behaviour is tolerated

• Disruptive behaviour will be lead to a ban and eviction

• Companions must not claim benefits or work outside the community or draw any money other than their community allowance

• Evidence of previous conduct in any Emmaus Community will be taken into account

• Applicants may be turned down if there is evidence of previous disruptive behaviour or non-compliance with the rules of a Community

• Trusted Companions from other Communities may be given preference but only where the Community Leader believes the Community needs greater stability

• We will not accept any applicant who is under a ban from any other Emmaus Community unless there are exceptional circumstances