Our Community

Emmaus Lambeth is a supportive and friendly community of formerly homeless people based in West Norwood.

Our companions

The 27 people who live at Emmaus Lambeth are called companions and come from all walks of life. They all sign-off Jobseekers Allowance and work a 40 hour week running our six shops that sell donated furniture and household items.

Our community

The idea of community is very important to us.

  • We use it to refer to our home and the people we work with in West Norwood.
  • We use it to refer to the contribution we can make to our wider community in South London. For example, we welcome a wide range of volunteers into West Norwood.
  • We also use it to refer to the broader communities we can help. For example, one of our companions is volunteering on a project in West Africa this summer.

Our ethos is:

  • Value every person equally
  • Be transparent and honest in all our dealings
  • Oppose injustice in all its forms
  • Enable everyone at all levels to participate actively in our work
  • Share and exchange resources, skills and learning
  • Cherish independence, but support and foster interdependence

Our home

Each of our companions has their own en-suite bedroom and is provided with food, clothes and toiletries. Once a week companions receive an allowance of £33 per week with £5 put aside as leaving money.

Our working day

A typical day at Emmaus Lambeth could involve working in one of the shops or the furniture warehouse, driving a van or cooking in the kitchen. The shops provide the income that supports our community, gives our companions a sense of purpose and generates new work skills.

Our staff

The companions are supported by staff who come from a range of backgrounds and include a community leader, support workers and a business manager.